Our Story

This is Finishing Touch Flawless®

Our mission

Our mission is to help women everywhere look and feel their best. We bring you the best, most stylish beauty solutions that will give a finishing touch to your skincare routines, anywhere, any time.

We’ve all been there

We’ve all experienced the ‘uh-oh’ moment when you see a stray chin hair, notice a shadow over your lip, or spot the dreaded growth of a unibrow.Whether you’re just entering the world of beauty, or a beauty veteran, these moments pop up consistently throughout our lives and impact the way we present ourselves throughout our day.

Beauty. Reimagined

Finishing Touch Flawless® takes away the literal and figurative pain of waxing, shaving and lasering with elegant beauty solutions that are discreet, effective and easy to use, leaving your skin feeling radiant and youthful.Be flawless from head to toe.

What is Finishing Touch Flawless™?

  • Quick and easy to use
  • No need for hair to grow out – you can use everyday
  • Effortless and painless
  • 18k gold-plated head is hypoallergenic so no irritation
  • Safe for all skin types and tones, and safe to the touch
  • Unwanted hair will not grow back thicker


I have little tiny hairs all over my face. Flawless is really really effective. Without that peach fuzz my skin is so smooth, my makeup goes on flawlessly.

Toni Anne

I am really happy with my Finishing Touch Flawless product. It's delicate and doesn't hurt, tug or pull. Definitely makes my makeup go on smoother and removes my peach fuzz. For the price, so much better than a wax! Great deal.